Smelly Friends

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  • Author: Calum Torbett
  • Illustrator: Calum Torbett
  • ISBN: 9781909555228
  • Synopsis:

    "What's that gloriously hideous, marvellously revolting smell?" The people in the city have had enough of Rocky Racoon rummaging through rubbish and leaving a mess. They send him into the forest where he picks up a horrid scent. Little does he know this leads him to a new friend. Join Rocky and Benji as they go on their adventure.

    Prize-winning Calum Torbett has created an entrancing picture storybook that children can’t stop reading! Despite the fact that this highly innovative book centres around a topic that some people might frown at, Calum Torbett has managed to sensitively establish a well-written narrative with accompanying digital illustrations that are of the highest quality. Rivals are struggling to produce a better book! With a story proven to help educational development and pictures to capture the hearts and minds of many, Smelly Friends is a book amongst top selling children’s books.

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