Laughalot's Laugh

* New Release *
  • Author: Nisha Chahal
  • Illustrator: Nisha Chahal
  • ISBN: 9781909555235
  • Synopsis:

    Laughalot just can't stop laughing, until the evil witch Marplot and her horrid little minions steal the precious laughter and put it into a jar. Just when Laughalot thinks that she will never laugh again, she meets Prancealot who knows a trick or two. Join in this laughable adventure and see what lies ahead...

    Laughalot and Prancealot are the brainchild of the prize-winning Nisha Chahal. Her vivid imagination brings together a magical story with vibrant illustrations that others find hard to rival. This debut book introduces us to the characters Laughalot and Prancealot. Full of laughter and joy, it’s easy to see how this book has become an instant hit amongst children and parents alike. Laughalot’s Laugh is an enchanting tale that every generation of children will want to read.

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