Bertie's Magical Door

* New Release *
  • Author: Markos Demetriou
  • Illustrator: Markos Demetriou
  • ISBN: 9781909555013
  • Synopsis:

    "It is never about the destination, children. It is about the journey and what you learn during that time!" Come and join two lucky children, Mia and Daniel, in a colourful adventure they embark on when they meet their next door neighbour as they play explorers. Little did they know what was in store for them, but it definitely took their exploration to a whole new level!

    This exciting little book tells the tale of what every child loves to do: explore. Created by one of the country's leading illustrators, this book combines excellence in artwork with an adventure that all children will want to read again and again. The colourful and precise illustrations provide a much loved backdrop to a story well received by children and parents alike. This much loved adventure can only but help a child’s imagination grow!

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